We got a dog 

 Sugar is a retired racing greyhound. She was formerly known as HM Kenna. We adopted her on May 4th from Philly Greyhound Connection. 

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 Sugar, retired racing greyhound (previously known as HM Kenna) 
 Heather and Sugar 
 Heather, Ken, Sugar and Greg; all wearing their spring jackets. 
 Heather and Sugar 
 Heather and Sugar 
 Sugar in a rare situation - there are no children hugging her. 
 Heather and Sugar (wondering how she is going to get her 20 hours of sleep with these children always around). 
 Sugar in her newly fenced in section of the yard. 
 Sugar in her part of the yard. 
 Curio, Chloe and Cookie in an executive session discussing the new organization chart after the board hired Sugar 
 Curio and Sugar 
 Cookie (Cocoa Crispy) and Sugar 
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