Ken, Lynne, Heather, Greg & Pets

 Last updated on 03/05/2009. 

 The background is still Heather wrestling with Chloe (December 2001)…  

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 We got a what? 

 We got a dog! 

 Christmas Pageant 2006 

 Kid Chores (get them started early) 

 Christmas Card and Outtakes 2006 

 Walt Disney World Trip May 2006 

 Kings Dominion Trip July 2006 

 Kids with Barbie Jeep and Wagon July 2006 

 Christmas Card and Outtakes 2005 

 Halloween 2005 

 First Day of School 2005 

 SAAC Does Vegas X Car Show February 2006 

 SAAC 31 at VIR July 2006 

 Carlisle Import/Kit Car/Replicar Show May 2006 

Some older pictures from the BG era (before Greg that is)…



 Mommy tickling Heather down the shore? (summer 2002) 
 Heather used to be able to relax before Greg was born... 

When we first brought Greg Home

March 2003



 Daddy (rare picture with beard), Heather and Greg 

Summer 2004


 Greg on the beach 
 Heather on the beach 
 Mommy and Greg (practicing for debating team?) down the shore 
 Daddy and Greg out on the deck (wearing their Drexel colors) 

Halloween 2004


 Greg (doesn't seem to like hood on costume) with Mommy 
 Heather and Greg (much happier with hood down) 

 December 2004


  Daddy, Greg and Heather (hey, don't pick your nose) out in the front yard 

House (hey we only have pictures of the new house during construction in 2003)


 New House - excavating for driveway 
 New House - Front 
 New House - Back and Side 
 New House - Looking down into Family Room & Kitchen

 Old House